Welcome new reader!  This ongoing blog will be about ushering in a new paradigm of health and wellness.  It will be about self-education and self-responsibility.  It will be about cooperation of the individual with practitioners such as physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths, holistic therapists, nurses, dieticians, fitness professionals, health coaches and more.

This blog will be about the necessary restoration of integrity to science as well as the necessary adherence to scientific methodology by the holistic arts.  This blog will be about bringing to an end the alarming rise in cancer, autoimmunity, allergies, autism and other chronic and degenerative diseases.  It will be about discerning the proper role of vaccines and other drug based therapies as well as more subtle, energetic healing modalites and the therapeutic uses of nutrients and herbs.

This blog will be about acknowledging and cooperating with the rhythms and cycles of nature and, therefore, our bodies.  Most importantly, this blog will be about optimizing your wellness and experiencing joy as you live a life of authenticity, integrity and creativity!

I’d like to begin our series with a case study of my oldest son, Liam, and how we went from a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes to a full recovery in two months.  At the time of this writing, 6 months after his diagnosis, he remains non-medicated and completely healthy with an average glucose level of 96.

So as not to keep the reader in suspense, I would like to summarize the steps that we followed:

  1. We immediately reduced the load on his pancreas by reducing his carbohydrate intake favoring healthy fats and proteins
  2. We helped calm and regulate his immune system with:
    • daily Vitamin D,
    • by removing foods that he tested as being sensitive to (IgG) and
    • by addressing a candida yeast infection that was discovered.
  3. We used daily omega-3 fatty acids to reduce systemic inflammation.

There certainly was more to it than the above steps so please continue reading about our experience with the first article in this series here, Reversing Type 1 Diabetes, where I will elaborate in much greater detail.  Please, keep in mind that this is simply to educate.  I am in no way claiming that all cases of diabetes or other autoimmune diseases can be completely reversed as everyone’s situation is unique.  However, I do believe that by following a methodical process based on the most up to date research on nutrition and healing modalities, one’s chances of achieving greater levels of optimal health can be vastly improved well beyond what typical medical standards currently settle for.